Audo Vicente: “still nothing certain about Juan Soto and the Licey”

Santo Domingo, DR.

The general manager of the Tigres del Licey team, Audo Vicente, clarified this Friday that the participation of the star player in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the blue team is not yet certain.

“We have spoken with San Diego, and we hope that they give us the go-ahead, but also that they send us their game plan for Soto. That is, what do they want from the player, if he can play every day, in what aspects should he work, etc. ”.

Vicente’s statements arise from the rumor that ran in different media in the country about the participation of a slugger. The version that circulated was that the outfielder Juan Soto would play next Monday with the Tigres del Licey, at the start of the Round Robin.

However, the general manager of the blue team, Audo Vicente, told Listín Diario that this has not been defined yet, that Soto intends to play, but his San Diego Padres Major League club has not yet given the final go-ahead.”

Audo said that Soto has been practicing, but that Licey is waiting for the yes from San Diego and what they want from the Dominican player.

Audo was pleased with this possibility, at a time when Licey is preparing for the long semifinal of 18 games.

“San Diego is preparing a blunderbuss, we know that, and from there they will make their decision. We will report when that happens, but right now we don’t know when Soto could be playing.”

The regular series of the winter tournament ends this Saturdayand Licey has a chance to be in first place.

This Sunday the 18th the draft would take place to choose players from bulls and Chosen, the two teams that would be eliminated.

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