“At the beginning of ‘Outlander’ they asked us for things that could not be asked for today”

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sam heughan He went through the mandatory showcase of ‘El hormiguero’ last night, but before that he was in the virtual arms of ABC and on the eve he took an almost real bath with his fans. “I didn’t know she was so popular,” she says in a display of false modesty; even her flaws are forgivable. The actor and writer enjoyed the meeting, in which he talked about the seventh season of Outlander, still in filming. Also from the road show and skirts ‘Men in Kilts’, which she also stars in along with Graham McTavish. Both spaces will reach Movistar Plus+ in 2023.

The Scottish actor already knew Madrid from a previous visit, three years ago. It only lasted a day, but it was “so much fun.” «I danced and ate very well.

There is a lot of energy here,” he says, after demonstrating that he can also say a few phrases in Spanish. He would almost be comforted to know that so much passion overwhelms him a little, but if so, she hides it with style: «The enthusiasm and emotion with which they received me was incredible. When you’re working on a mountainside in Scotland you forget about the fans watching the show. When you work in theater, you have an immediate response and interaction with the audience. So moments like yesterday are really rewarding.”

Heughan knows what he is talking about, because he did a lot of classical theater before fame came to him for a meritorious product, but for entertainment, perhaps a small contradiction for an artist. “It’s true that I had classical theater training in Scotland and worked mainly on stage for the first few years of my career, but ‘Outlander’ is amazing, not just for learning more about the art of working on TV and film. It has changed my career.”

‘Men in kilts’ and the art of comedy

Best-selling author, Sam Heughan also speaks, modestly of course, of his comedic chops, which he demonstrates in ‘Men in Kilts’. “It was a personal project. I wanted to create my own TV show with Graham. It is true that it has a lot of comedy. We are ourselves, but we are also into our characters. I’ve also done a couple of comedies, ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ (2018) and more recently a movie with Celine Dion, ‘Love Again’, which will be released next year. I never thought I could do comedy, but even in ‘Outlander’ I think Jamie has a certain wit and I enjoy those scenes, even though I always come across as the slightly clumsy jerk. It’s like we were Laurel and Hardywith Graham as Hardy.

Sam Heughan brings smile back to life
Sam Heughan brings smile back to life -Movistar Plus+

Sam is now one of the producers of ‘Outlander’, but he also had disagreements with those responsible for the series created by Starz, since he felt betrayed. «Now it is not uncomfortable at all. Everything can be discussed and working on any TV show or in the theater is always a conversation. In the early days of the series, we were asked to do a lot of things that we couldn’t be asked to do today. The industry has changed a lot. The show was very graphic and I had some very explicit scenes, but I think the industry has changed and the public doesn’t need that anymore.”

“‘Outlander’ is incredible. It has changed my career”

“It has been an interesting evolution,” he continues. “I’ve been in this business for almost a decade and things have definitely changed, especially in the last few years. So it has been a great producer and also to start helping and advising. That’s why I included Vanessa, a privacy consultant. I met her through my old drama school and we talked a lot about the work she does and how she would help us. It has been a highly celebrated addition to the entire cast, crew and production. It’s good for all of us to evolve and make a better series.”

In this sense, Sam also talks about his work with Caitriona Balfe, the heroine of ‘Outlander’. “It’s not easy, really. We shot many hours on rough terrain or outdoors and I’m not sure how he did it because she was pregnant last season and shot all eight episodes. Is incredible. She is extremely intelligent, very thoughtful, and a great scene partner. We have been the best of friends and accomplices, two partners since the beginning of the series. We have always supported each other and without her there would be no ‘Outlander’. We are very lucky to have her.”

Two Sams for the price of one
Two Sams for the price of one – Movistar Plus+

Sam Heughan has other interests outside of showbiz. Writes books that sell like hotcakes and he’s a fan of whiskey. He himself has created one that has received several awards. He is also a fan of social actions: «My biggest challenge was to create an NGO that works on the health and well-being of the people. We raise funds and every year we work with a different charity. I think we now have five. We have raised more than 7 million, but money is not everything. It is also about giving education. We are in many countries, with different groups of ambassadors. It’s fantastic. And I don’t think we’ve announced it yet, but next year we’re going to be working with the Ocean Conservancy, because the oceans are a reflection of the health of the planet. I hope it will also help the environment and combat climate change. It has been very rewarding.”

A perfect man?

“I have many defects,” he says with natural conviction when asked if he has any, thus reaffirming what he already knows. “I am full of shortcomings. It’s a very tough career to be an actor and I’m one of the lucky few. I have made many mistakes and failures in the past, and I am sure there will be many more, but I feel very lucky that show business gives me the platform and opportunity to do many things to help other people. ».

«If they had given me a role in ‘Game of Thrones’ I would not have gotten Jamie Fraser’s in ‘Outlander’»

Among his youthful impulses, the most repeated was to take the exams for ‘Game of Thrones’ already some of James Bond: “I’m sure if I listed all the auditions I’ve ever auditioned we’d be here all day, but yeah, I think I auditioned for ‘Game of Thrones’ seven times. I’m not sure that’s the correct number, but I did it for multiple characters. I was very excited because I love that series. But if I had been given a role, I wouldn’t have gotten Jamie Fraser in ‘Outlander.’ It was an amazing experience, in any case. I was younger, less experienced. I also showed up when they were thinking of doing a young Bond. It was ‘Bond 21’ and they wanted to go back to their roots. Who knows, maybe they will this time.”

Once on the crest of fame, Sam Heughan now dreams more of returning to the theater and revisiting shakespeare and other classical authors. “I also love the action. I was lucky enough to do the movie ‘SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan’ and we’ve been talking about doing a sequel, which would be quite similar to Bond, actually, but maybe based on more real events. It would also be fun to return to that character.”

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