Argentina will be world champion Half time

Next Sunday in Qatar one of the most anticipated images by football lovers could take place: Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup title.

However, first they will have to defeat France in the World Cup Grand Final, but it seems that everything is lining up for Argentina to embroider the third star on their shield.

Recently it became known about the prediction of Diego Armando Maradona in the celebration of the championship of Mexico 86since in one hand he carries the trophy and with the other hand he points to a Qatari flag, which was taken as a prophecy.

However, it is not the only sign that indicates that the Albiceleste have the path open for them to be champions in the Middle East.

A Twitter user took it upon himself to list the multiple coincidences that ensure that the Albiceleste have destiny on their side to defeat the Gauls on Sunday.

The first of these is that in the games that the South Americans won in 1978 (Netherlands) and 1886 (Federal Germany), the team beat two teams that had played in the Final in a previous edition. In Qatar they will face Les Bleus, who arrive as current champions.

In Mexico 86, Morocco was the leader of Group F and defeated Portugal; Something similar happened in this championship. On the other hand, Canada participated in said tournament, without passing the round and Brazil fell in the Quarterfinals.

Another Maradona prediction?

In 2004 Diego Armando Maradona attended the program of the Argentine journalist Alejandro Fantino, called ‘Mar de Fondo’where a curious image was given, which once again excites all Argentines.

In the background you can see the sign with a date that points to the December 18, the day the Qatar 2022 Grand Final will be played. In addition, it is a headband and you can see a message that says “our end of the year gift”.


Is Barcelona a cabal?

Diego Armando Maradona was a Barcelona figure, but he had to leave the club in 1984 to get to Napoli. A couple of years later, he arrived in Mexico 86 renewed and was crowned.

Lionel Messi, for the year 2020, gave news that surprised everyone, since he left the culé team to join PSG. Now he is one game away from emulating the Fluff.

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