”And I tell you here, in the face…”


Sergio Aguero He starred in a scene that has gone viral on social media. The former striker had a tense meeting with the famous Spanish youtuber, DJ Mariowho had criticized the Argentine national team for the celebration when they eliminated Netherlands.

The compelling reason why Ibai Llanos refused to go to the World Cup

DJ Mario He gave his negative point of view for the celebration of the Albiceleste once they got the pass to the semifinal on penalties.

Omen He had already responded from his Twitter account: “You go play FIFA.” And now, in the middle of a streaming, those in charge of making them cross live were Gerard Piqué and Ibai Plains.

DJ Mario he wanted to leave the subject aside and appeared with the T-shirt of Argentina set to joke This mattered little to Kun, who was visibly upset. “They really are fooling around, right?” Said the former striker when he saw the youtuber.

In the other side, Pique Y plains They did not understand what was happening between the two: “I do not know if it is true or false, if it is acting or if it really touched you,” said the former defender of the Barcelona.

Sergio Agüero had a discussion with DJ Mario through a streaming from Ibai Llanos.

“If he does stupid things I get hot. I do not care. No one has to apologize to me,” said the Kun. And then he was direct: “The only thing I said in the group is that you fall for me. Nothing more. And I tell you here, in the face.

next, DJ Mario He replied: “I don’t understand why Kun. I don’t know what I’ve done to you.”

And Agüero closed the discussion: “I prefer to tell you here, nothing happens. Everyone likes people the way they are.”

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