Alejandra Guzmán and the eternal suffering caused by her failed cosmetic surgery

Alejandra Guzmán.  (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Alejandra Guzman. (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Alejandra Guzmán has returned to the operating room once again after presenting discomfort in one of his legsreported on the program the sun rises. According to the first details, the singer is in Mexico City and presented symptoms derived from the old polymer treatment he underwent in 2009. Thirteen years later, that aesthetic decision continues to take its toll on him.

“Unfortunately, she already knows the process very well, when she begins to feel bad and a high temperature begins, it is a sign that polymer has accumulated again, this time it was in one of the legs. Yesterday (Thursday the 15th) she performed this operation,” said Ana María Alvarado.

The journalist explained that in this surgical procedure, the doctors “have to scrape off the product again; after the operation they took her to the hyperbaric chamber; it is painful, she is recovering at the moment.”

This tortuous road from which you will never have a full recovery It began when Alejandra Guzmán, who wanted to increase the size of her buttocks, accepted in 2009 a treatment suggested by Valentina de Albornoz, who injected her with polymers. Three years later those components gave her infections that put her in grave danger while she was on tour in London, UK.

The interpreter of “Eternally Beautiful” has undergone at least 40 surgeries (He remembers the first one as torture, because they “ripped everything live”) to remove the polymers that still agglutinate in his body today.

Guzmán acknowledged in an interview with Yordi Rosado in 2020 that the fight has been very long, because he has changed doctors several times in search of treatments that are not so aggressive with his body, even experimental, in addition to the fact that at some point he also lost the desire to to live.

“Once I did talk to my dad and that’s why I put this calaca (tattoo) here in my ear, because death came to say ‘let’s go’, and I ‘nooooo’. I spoke to him and said ‘dad, I want to throw in the towel, I’m already tired, I don’t want to, I can’t anymore, bye’. He tells me ‘I just want you to say hello to my friend’ and puts the public on the phone. I start to hear and life entered my ears, I went out from the hospital. I was already painting with my blood. I was going half crazy. They took my blood out of the catheter and told them ‘don’t throw it away’, and I put my cardboard and painted. I made a whole museum out of that room,” Alejandra told yordi.

Sylvia Pasquel, Guzmán’s sister, confessed last summer that the singer continues to overcome her problem with polymers. “I hope that what she has shared serves as an experience for many women who, as long as they have a physique of 10, what they consider a physique of 10, and they go and have some operations, they inject some things with personalities that they do not have I have no idea what they are doing to them, wow, you have to learn to love as you are”.

The rocker recently had an accident on stage at a concert in Washington, DC, the impact of which caused her to dislocate her hip and forced her to be offstage for a couple of months.


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