Adal Ramones confirms that he will be a father for the fourth time

Paternity is one of the facets that most excites Adal Ramones, so much so He had previously expressed his desire to enlarge the family. Together with his ex, gabby valenciaprocreated two children; Paola Y Diegowhile with his present wife, Karla de la Morahad the opportunity to welcome the little Cristobal, 3 years old. Now, the television host has confirmed the news; he will be a father for the fourth time, a circumstance that has him very excited at these moments in which personal and professional stability define each of his days. The actor also put an end to the uncertainty after rumors of a possible pregnancy circulated weeks ago, although at that time both he and his partner preferred to be very reserved about such versions, for which he made a clarification.



As open as he usually is, Adal gave an interview to the television program come joy, in which he spoke of this new illusion that today invades his family circle, since 2023 will be a year that he will undoubtedly remember forever. “Well, many things are coming for next year because you are the first medium to which I am going to say yes, I can confirm it, I am going to be a father again…”, said the interpreter during his talk with the morning newspaper, visibly happy that everything goes perfectly between him and his wife in that sense. Let’s remember that since his son Cristóbal was born, both had expressed their desire to have another baby, something that finally could be and that he has gladly shared with his public.

During the talk, Adal also wanted to clarify the rumors that arose earlier, after a publication sought to anticipate the news that Karla was pregnant. However, at that moment things were different, according to what she explains. “A note had come out, yes, suddenly, but I think someone saw us go to the clinic but there was nothing yet, until now I can tell you…”, said the comedian, who just last August celebrated five years of married to his wife, happy to write this story full of pleasant moments, from living together with his large family to the trips they have taken around the world as lovers.


When could the baby be born?

Although Adal Ramones was very reserved with the details of this new stage he is going through, he did reveal some details of the time Karla has been pregnant, he even estimated the date the baby could be born. “I don’t know how women count weeks but I think she is 13 weeks. I think we are waiting for it by the end of May… ”, he expressed at another moment in the revealing interview. This will be the fourth child of Ramones, who 21 years ago debuted as a father after his daughter Paola was born. Later, in 2010, 12-year-old Diego arrived, both from his past relationship with Gaby Valencia. From his marriage to De la Mora, he welcomed Cristóbal in 2019, so now he is preparing everything for his new adventure as a father.

For the former driver of Another roll Being a dad is a dream come true. Previously, she expressed this emotion through a message, in which he recounted a bit about how he assumed that one day he could make this wish possible. “I dreamed of being a father since he was 15 years old. Imagine all my friends talking about soccer and me wondering if he would be a dad one day. But above all, a good dad… I don’t want them to be rich or have many things, I just do my best to advise them so that they are hungry to seek happiness in the face of all adversities…”, he wrote last June on the occasion of the Day of the father.


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