Yon de Luisa has received fierce threats: Luis GarcíaMediotiempo

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Luis Garcia Y christian martinoli they reappeared on YouTube on their famous channel called “Inglourious Fakers”. In that space, the commentators are about to count some anecdotes and talk about football news, and this time was no exception, since the former player revealed something very strong about yon de Luisa.

The TV Azteca commentator revealed that they met with the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, who confessed what has received threats brave“after the elimination of the Mexican National Team in Qatar 2022.

Garcia disqualified the threats to the manager and neither gave Many detailsbut reiterated that Yon de Luisa has been intimidated after the failure in the World Cup, where the Tri stayed in the Group Phase.

“We saw Mr. yon de Luisa also, that he returned (to Qatar after being in Mexico), (and told me) that he was Bravo the theme (from the elimination of the Tri). He returned (to Qatar) because there is a FIFA executive committee. I ask him ‘how are you doing?’, and He says that he has received some fierce threats and (to him) I said ‘it’s good that they’ve screwed it up but well, extrapolating this situation to a subject in this way…”.

Mexico A good run ended in Qatar 2022. The national team had managed to far exceed the role played in Argentina 1978 and, since that World Cup tournament, had not stayed fuera of the eighth Final until this year, where they fell in the Group Phase.

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