Yailin La Más Viral raised the temperature in a tight catsuit

anuel aa Y Yailin The Most Viral they are expecting a baby. This was announced almost a month ago on social networks. “I always told God to give me a family but the man that I truly loved Thank you God for giving me what I always asked for I feel super happy the happiest woman in the world, I don’t know how to thank you for this happiness that I am feeling Right now I have no words here, you daddy and I made you with a lot of love, we are waiting for your arrival, my gordita” were the tender words of the singer on her networks.

anuel aa He already has a son, named Pablo Anuel. His mother, Astrid Cuevas, accused him of being a bad father on his networks. “But what a bad habit to use a child for marketing. How can a man with so much power and money not see his son constantly? How is it possible that a guy who goes around the world in a private jet can’t stop in Puerto Rico to see your son?” he expressed her.

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