“We hope it will be a nice process”


Julio Palomo Rodrigueznew coach of Royal Spain, gave his assessments of his arrival in Honduras to take the reins of the aurinegro team of face at the start of the Clausura 2023 tournament.

The Uruguayan announced that there will be casualties in the team, players who will no longer be counted on. In addition, he explained that there may be replacements and new reinforcements.

Likewise, he stated in an interview with the Dueñas del Balón, that he will seek to carry out a positive process for Real España, who has not been able to lift the National League title in the last five years.

What does your return to Real España mean?

I am excited to return, to be in a flat where I trained for five years, to see the concentration, the prop people, from the office. Also with the feeling of coming to the team in an uncomfortable situation because the results were not there, there was work, commitment, but things did not turn out as the institution had planned, we arrived at a difficult time and we hope to be up to the task. .

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How do you see your work to take command of the aurinegro team?

First, analyze what is there because I had no knowledge of what was on the campus, but nourish myself with the analysis of the resources that are here, from Professor Emilson Soto, from José Valladares, from all the people out there who can give me a little of information, analyze and have that advantage to see in what situation we are in the formation of the squad. And based on what we have, we will see how we face this time before the start of the tournament.

How has Julio Rodríguez prepared to face this challenge?

Three or four years ago we finished the PRO License, we had a great step through Honduras Progreso, for which I am grateful because they opened the doors for me. The courage to have opted for me speaks highly of them, I am grateful for it. Then came the possibility of this year where we were promoted to the second division in Uruguay, with a very humble team. Now this is that there is doubt in all the fans about whether I will be up to the task of being in front of the team.

How does that word that has now defined Real España feel with the “process”?

It’s a scary word, isn’t it? The idea is that this is a process, but that it ends in a good way, that it results, because a process is continued, it is transited if the results are not given and the minimum that the process fails, the coach leaves. We are aware of that, of the role of the coach, but we feel strong, with desire, with a lot of vocation, we hope it will be a nice process for the club and that it ends in the best way.

What do you think of the squad that the team has for the Clausura 2023 tournament? Will there be signings?

Yes, there are some players who, apart from seeing them play and knowing about it, are not going to continue at the club. It is more or less the line that the club wants to lower, regardless of the coach’s taste, that discipline and player profile cannot be negotiated with me, there are players who are not going to continue and there are others from a window that we are going to analyze that they could be borrowed or there could be an exchange, I want to arrive, analyze, but we are going to have a window where someone can arrive and someone can leave.

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