Wanda Nara completely ends with Mauro Icardi: “Go away, don’t get close to me”

Lto relationship between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi it has always been very stormy. During all their years together, there were different confrontations and reconciliationsbut now it seems love has completely ended.

Football player I returned to Argentina for celebrate Nara’s birthday and spend the holidays with her. icardi he tried to get as close as he could, but it seems that their efforts have not served much. What’s more, quite the opposite.

During the last weekend, both they had a fight on Kenny Palacios’ birthday in Nordelta, and according to reports from Show PartnersIcardi always I was alone during the celebration and with a very sad face. “It’s crumbling love“, they said sarcastically, when they looked at photos of the party.

Look at Kennys happy face. He doesn’t bank much on him,” said Adrin Pallares. Later, they reported that Icardi tried to get close to his ex-wife throughout the party and that she would have rejected him every time.Wanda spoke of Mauro as her ex and every time he wanted to go up to her on Kennys birthday, to make friends or do a pampering, she told him ‘out, go. don’t come near me“, they reported.

It seems that love has definitely ended between them and the main reason would be that Nara would have finally focused on L-Ghent. Both of them they wanted to try their romance again and the first step they have. Icardi is already past, he is a former msand the doors have been reopened for a new love.

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