This is the Biden administration’s plan for the completion of Title 42

(CNN) — The US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) six-pillar plan for the scheduled completion of Title 42 next week includes increasing resources on the southern border; increase efficiency in processing; impose consequences on those who enter the country illegally; strengthen the facilities of non-profit organizations; go after human traffickers; and collaborate with international partners.

The seven-page document, which says DHS inherited a “broken and dismantled immigration system,” was posted online this week and appears to be an updated version of the plan the department released in April, the last time it Title 42 is scheduled to end. At the time, a federal judge blocked the end of the Trump administration’s public health rule that allows federal immigration agents to quickly return migrants to Mexico or their home countries.

According to the document, the increased resources to the southern border include the hiring of nearly 1,000 Border Patrol processing coordinators and the addition of 2,500 contractors and government agency personnel, allowing federal agents to focus on enforcement tasks. of the law in the field.

The federal government has also added 10 centers to increase Customs and Border Protection (CBP) holding capacity by more than a third since 2021, the plan says. The agency says it has also more than doubled transportation capacity for detained migrants.

“This includes hundreds of flights and bus routes per week to transport detained non-citizens to less crowded Border Patrol sectors for processing and to remove or return non-citizens to their country of origin or to third countries; we will continue to expand our ground and air transport capabilities in light of possible increases,” the document states.

Under the six-pillar plan, CBP now spends 30% less time processing immigrants than it did early last year, which will help alleviate congestion at agency facilities.

As the agency expects an increase in migrants after the end of Title 42, it plans to impose legal consequences on those who cross irregularly and do not have a legal basis to remain in the United States, the plan says.

“For non-citizens trying to evade arrest, repeat offenders and those involved in smuggling activities, we will increase referrals for prosecution,” the plan states.

DHS also plans to go after transnational criminal organizations that smuggle immigrants and collaborate with international partners and non-governmental organizations on the southern border.

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