Theater as medicine to overcome the pandemic

The pandemic marked a before and after for the majority of the population. This has been the case for a group of workers from the Talavera health area who, at the initiative of one of them, the allergist Álvaro Moreno Ancillo, decided to create a theater group to improve emotional well-being after the hard times experienced by Covid-19. “I thought it could be a way for people to somehow do some other activity that would free them from the problems suffered during the bad years of the pandemic,” the founder of this group, which runs for name ‘El Corral de Céfiro’.

This initiative, which was born in 2021, has been maturing and consolidating until it has close to twenty members who have demonstrated their talent both in their field, with representations at the ‘Nuestra Señora del Prado’ Hospital in Talavera and in medical meetings, as well as in neighboring municipalities such as Oropesa.

Among the members there are pulmonologists, family doctors, residents, administrative assistants, nurses, among others, and it has become “everyone’s thing.” This Thursday they returned to the stage of the Talavera hospital to represent a play created and directed by Moreno Ancillo entitled ‘The sunset of the chrysalis’. It is a “celestinesque” vision of the confrontation between Leonor de Guzmán and María de Portugal.

Specifically, it tells the story of two witches who save the life of King Pedro and who participate in the intrigues that later allow the son of Leonor de Guzmán to become the new king. “We have history, with a bit of magic, where witches and necromancers appear,” explained Moreno Ancillo, who specified that the historical part is “true”, and is completed with another of magic and esotericism.

This work can be enjoyed again today at the Victoria Theater from 20:00. The entrance price is 10 euros and is open to all citizens. It will also be their premiere as professionals, in a theater and with spectators beyond the health field, and after which they want to continue participating in the cultural life of the city.

Optimist Hospital Awards. This theater group also aspires to one of the prizes awarded by the Hospital Optimista Foundation, which seeks to contribute to improving the health of hospitalized patients by promoting initiatives and/or practices that contribute to the creation of an optimistic environment for the patient and their family as well as for the professionals themselves. It is in this category, the one aimed at professionals, in which the group from Talavera competes to win the award. At this time, the voting period is open to all citizens, which can be done through the following Facebook link by giving it a like:

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