the one-on-one between Scaloni and Di María in Rio de Janeiro that could be repeated in Qatar

Curiously, the left-hander reached that Copa América final with Brazil in a similar physical condition to that of now. A chat was enough to make the decision.

The World Cup final between Argentina and France absorbs everything. And details, memories, data and also background (not always applicable by context) enter the scene to imagine the game in Qatar.

Will Ángel Di María be the starter? How is he physically? Can the DT trust him for a final? Is it time to risk?

All possible speculations. And a dialogue from not so long ago that illustrates how those kinds of decisions are made.

Nothing compares to a World Final. But maybe The closest thing Lionel Scaloni experienced as coach was the decisive match against Brazil, at the Maracana, which ended with the Copa América in the hands of Messi. And it was a tournament in which Di María was pure imbalance playing in the second half (he was a substitute in all the games, except against Paraguay in the group stage), when his return to the National Team was still being analyzed.

the goal of noodle over Ederson to end a 28-year title drought is history. But before there was a talk, which in the series “Sean Eternos” that premiered on the Netflix platform this year was reflected by the protagonists. Although it is not a spoiler alert, a key conversation was reviewed in the first person.

Scaloni recalled that moment: “I call him (Di María) and tell him: “I am convinced that you have to play this match.”

Di Maria recounted: “He started talking to me (Scaloni) and as soon as he started he told me ‘whenever I talk to you I cry’. And with slightly teary eyes he told me how I saw myself…”.

Scaloni clarified his position: “I tell him ‘you have to play it the way you play the final 30 minutes because otherwise it’s better for us that you play the final 30 minutes.”

Di María’s response cleared up doubts: “I’m here for whatever you want, 20, 30, 40, 50, 90…”

Nothing more was needed for DT: “I think he needed to play that game and we were convinced that he was fine. He couldn’t miss this game.”

The goal at the Maracana was history. Will it be time for another face-to-face talk in the privacy of Qatar? The World Final awaits.

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