The new technology that promises to shorten waiting lines at airports

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Women waiting in a long line of passengers to board a plane at Madrid Barajas airport

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Nowadays, it’s not unusual to wait in long lines to board a plane.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of air travel is the experience of going through security before boarding: the long lines that form while you take certain items out of your carry-on bag, the officer holding up the line because they discovered that bottle of wine or half a liter of perfume that are not allowed, and the flight about to leave.

Breathe. There is good news on the horizon. Maybe not this holiday season, but very soon at many of the airports you may be passing through.

The UK government announced that it will remove some of its restrictions on items that can be carried in hand luggage, such as liquids and creams, thanks to the installation of high-tech 3D scanners.

For its part, the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), since 2018, has tested these devices at 15 airports, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and Chicago, with the plan to expand the number of units. at other travel hubs.

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