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Not even being on vacation calms down fight between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. It is clear that they will never be friends and the cordial relationship they had at Red Bull Racing broke down after the Brazilian Grand Prix, when the Dutchman did not give up his place to the Mexican. Since then everything is tension and now the two-time world champion threw a hard stone at Checo.

invited to the program F1 Talks, Verstappen launched against Checo Pérez without saying his namebut with a clear reference to who is who within the team, stating that The one born in Guadalajara “does not accept reality” as Valtteri Bottas did at the time when he was Lewis Hamilton’s squire at Mercedes.

“You start each year with a fresh mindset, but after a couple of races you realize that again you are not succeeding (competing with your partner) and you accept your role (second pilot). You keep driving, finishing on the podium, sometimes you win a race, maybe you start on pole,” Mad Max said.

You just have to accept that the guy next door is better than you., there is how Bottas (in Mercedes) accepted it. Some people can’t accept it, so everything starts to go wrong. You can’t live in a fairy tale“, he finished.

Verstappen detracts from Czech wins

As if the first “rock” was not enough, Verstappen detracted from Pérez Mendoza’s victories in street circuits like Monaco, Azerbaijan or Singapore, all of these where the Mexican has won. The European “pulled out his claws” and assured that these types of tracks do not really determine who is the best driver in Formula 1.

“For me, a real driver makes a difference in the corners with high speed. Now with the new cars, driving on the street circuit is the worst experience because they are so heavy and stiff. Driving in Singapore (where Czech won) I was disappointed of the car compared to how they were in 2015 or 2016,” he said.

“Depends how you look at it. he (Czech) did well, he won a couple this year, but it’s just the statistics, but we can go into details if you want. In the street it is about trusting your car and, as I already said, this car is very rigid compared to the previous ones, I am not completely confident; instead, On a normal track, confidence is not enough to win“.

What happened to Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez?

The penultimate race of the 2022 Season in Brazil marked the break between the two Red Bull driversas Max refused to give the place to Checo in the final stretch for the Mexican to add more points in his quest to finish second in the Drivers’ Championship, this despite the fact that Christian Horner gave the order to the Dutchman.

After the race, Perez Mendoza exploded before the microphones of Fox Sports with the phrase: “If Max has two titles it is thanks to me”, since in the two seasons of the Guadalajara with the team, his teammate was crowned. From then on it became clear that the Mexican felt slighted because “I always followed orders, but Max has really shown who he is.”

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