President of the National League reveals whether or not they will bring VAR to Honduran soccer


Five years have passed since the Video Arbitration Assistantknown as VAR by its acronym in English, it began to be used in international soccer and unfortunately, at the moment, it is “light years” away from being used in Honduran soccer.

Two have been disputed World Cups with the high-tech tool that has limited the human errors of the referees within the field of play. In North and South America it is already a reality, and although it would be close to happening in the Center, it is “impossible” for it to happen in Catracho territory in the near future.

The president of the National League, Wilfredo Guzmansaid in EXCLUSIVE a TEN that the installation of VAR For the development of the local championship it is only “a dream” due to the high budget that the establishment and maintenance of the elite equipment means. We are talking about almost 50 million lempiras.

“One of the first things I did when I started as president of the League (February 2019), precisely to see the possibility of VAR. At this point it is a really big expense, because at the beginning they quoted me for 2 million dollars (LPS 49,310,000) and we do not have a budget for that. Having the VAR is a dream, which we hope to fulfill”, said the league boss.

And he reiterated: “It is a lot of money, there is no way. We have to have conditions, as a federation and as a league, of another level to be able to reach that budget, it is extremely expensive”.

For Guzman The solution is “to wait for other leagues to use it because the more offers the tool has, the price will drop”, because “for now, I think it’s impossible.”

The statements of the president of the National League are issued a month after the neighbor Guatemala test in a championship game with the same VAR.

Although the Chapina federation “that the demonstration that will be carried out with the technology company does not mean the implementation of the VAR” in the domestic contest, they became the first league in the region to use this tool.

The Guatemalans’ plan is destined for their installation to be permanent as soon as in the elite leagues in the world. Costa Rica It follows in its footsteps, as it is the most capable football in the Central American area.

The VAR It has been used in Honduras, but for international matches of a Concacaf nature. The first time was in January 2022. The occasions were for knockout games, the League of Nations, the Concacaf Champions League and the Under-20 World Cup.

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