Outrage in Brazil over images of Neymar at a party after the World Cup elimination

Several Brazilian fans have been outraged, after knowing images and videos of the party that the player Neymar Jr held days after being eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar by Croatia.

The South American country is still bitter because the team failed to advance from the quarterfinals after a penalty shootout. Although the PSG player assured on his social networks that he was “destroyed” by the elimination, many of his followers pointed to him for the party he had after leaving Qatar.

According to the media ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’, the Brazilian number 10 held the party at his sister Rafaella’s mansion. There were several players from the ‘Canarinha’, models and athletes from other teams.

Apparently, the footballer asked his guests not to post videos or any type of photos, so as not to exalt the fans and avoid upset over the elimination in the quarterfinals.

However, several of the attendees ignored it and posted different moments of the party, which quickly turned on social networks and caused great outrage among the followers of the player and fans of Brazil.

Several of the fans called the captain a “hypocrite”, after having uttered the following words after the elimination of his team: “I am psychologically destroyed. This was without a doubt the defeat that hurt me the most, it left me paralyzed for ten minutes and then I started crying non-stop. It’s going to hurt for a long time, unfortunately. We fought until the end.”

So far, none of the guests, such as the Brazilian soccer player Antony Matheus dos Santos or the surfer Gabriel Medina, have spoken about it. Not even Neymar himself, host of the celebration, has referred to the issue to calm the spirits of the followers of the Brazil team.


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