‘Mexico hit rock bottom’; Uriel Antuna reappeared after failure in QatarHalf time

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After a few days of physical and mental rest, Uriel Antuna returned to the field with Cruz Azul with the need to change the chip of the World Cup failure with the Mexican National Team for the new objectives of 2023 with his team, being one of the most pointed out after his failures against Saudi Arabia.

In a press conference, the celeste recognized that “Mexico hit rock bottom” and should be given a radical change after the poor performance they had in the Qatar World Cup 2022the first in 44 years in which they were eliminated in the Group Stage.

“With these results, with what happened I think Mexico has hit rock bottom and very important things will happen. We must commit ourselves to continue growing and see more for the growth of Mexican soccer with the youth to reach the next World Cup,” he said.

Mexico needs more players in Europe: Antuna

Antuna recognized that Gerardo Martino’s group had worked throughout the cycle to fulfill the dream of the long-awaited fifth game. Now, after the elimination in the Group Phase without even playing in the Round of 16, the reflection must be individual and group; especially with the issue of exporting players to Europe.

“I think we all hurt, We fought for that fifth game and it did not happen due to different circumstances. We had a solid group, it was a goal of years ago and not of days. It can help a little to reflect, the topic of have more players in Europe because that would help a lot to grow in soccer both to Mexico and individually ”, he mentioned.

The bad performance of Tri in world cup lands it seems dampen the interest of European clubs; However, the footballer from the Machine made it clear that a World Cup cannot determine whether or not he emigrates to the Old Continent.

“In my opinion, I think it should not affect (to emigrate) because a club does not buy you for a single gameThey have been following you for a long time. But you don’t decide that, they are decisions that sometimes you don’t find out about off the field, if the opportunity comes or not we will be open to listen and if not, we will continue working ”.

And it is that Antuna knows that opportunities for Europe can occur at any timeHe is open to analyzing them and making the best decision individually, in the group for Cruz Azul and for the growth of Mexican soccer that he wants to project for the 2026 World Cup.

“People who know me know that I am a committed and hard-working playerI have been demonstrating it here at Cruz Azul. It is a dream for everyone to play in Europe, that will have to be seen when the opportunity arrives, we talk with the family and the club to see if it is convenient for everyone, not only economically, but also in sports. If it is convenient for us, some things will have to be sacrificed and we will see if it helps us so that Mexico continues to grow in soccer, ”he said.

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