Luis Miguel: where is produced and how much does a bottle of Sol de México wine cost?

There is no doubt that Luis Miguel He is an artist who has given himself all the luxuries that have been and will be. At 52 years old and after several years in ostracism, the “Sol de México” lived his younger years with great intensity, which has allowed him to amass a real fortune and stay away from the public sphere for several years now.

Many of the projects, undertakings and even scandals in the life of Luis Miguel we could see them reflected in the Netflix production, “Luis Miguel, the series”. The bioseries relied on Luismi’s “Ok” to recount the different moments of his life, always from the point of view -at times controversial- of Luis Miguel. And one of the businesses included in this biographical series is the “Unico” wine, which the artist produced and marketed for several years.

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