Luis Hernández unmasks Martino, reveals why he lost control of the Tri

Luis Hernandez / Gerardo Martino
Luis Hernandez / Gerardo Martino


Louis Hernandez spoke again to the Mexican press to offer his opinion on the management of Gerardo Martino. The former soccer player has left several positions regarding various issues of Martino’s World Cup process, so we can say that he left his final point about the role of “Tata” in the Selection mexican.

Although “El Matador” was one of the main critics to disagree with the absence of Javier Hernández for the World Cup, he accepted that Gerardo Martino’s cycle started in the best way, since he considers that the coach is an elite type who knows how to handle projects as important as the selection.

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But for Hernández, the ‘Tata’ ship lost its way, since it seems that key players who lost rhythm due to injury issues, did not know how to replace them and fell behind until new solutions were found. An example has been the call-up of Raúl Jiménez, an elite player who lost pace just before the World Cup began due to injury.

The words of Luis Hernandez

“Tata ended badly, nothing more. A great coach, but he ended badly for the team […] (About the new coach) That is going to be important, that he does not lose his way, the idea and that he has a mystique for all Mexican players and those who also play abroad” concluded the former soccer player for MARCA Claro.

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