Lautaro Martínez: his partner makes a strong complaint in Qatar – World Cup Qatar 2022






“What happened seemed super dangerous and strong to me. A shame.”

while in Argentina the party for the arrival at the final of the Qatar World Cup You live 24 hours a day, at the Cup headquarters, some of the relatives of the players who accompany them do not have a good time.

Most are accompanied at the headquarters and have moments to share with them. Social networks have served to learn some intimate things about the players.

(‘I was knocked out’: fan breaks his silence about the ball that Mbappé gave him)
(This was the fatal abuse of a Moroccan child that tarnished the triumph of France)

And the wives, girlfriends or couples have dedicated themselves to being protagonists of the World Cup and are about to achieve a dream, since they are part of the environment of each player.

The complaint

However, there have also been some inconveniences that have been denounced, such as the one that happened to the family of Lautaro Martinez.

Augustine Gandolfo He denounced that his sister found glass in a glass of juice that was served to her in a restaurant.

“My brother-in-law had already drunk half a bottle and discovered that it had very large glasses inside. They told him that they had to go to the doctor because if he had swallowed one of those pieces of glass it was very dangerous,” he said.

The owner of the juice brand defended himself, cleared his brand and insinuated that the glasses were put by the same family of the Argentine.

“What happened seemed super dangerous and strong to me … Obviously we have a complaint and witnesses from the premises. A shame,” Gandolfo said.


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