Humberto Zurita responds to a fan who claimed him for having forgotten Christian Bach

After losing the great love of his life, the actor Humberto Zurita fully concentrated on his career, his family and on remembering the woman who accompanied him for more than 30 years, Christian Bach.

Bach lost his life in February 2019 for reasons that remain unknown to this day, however, various media outlets handled that an alleged multiple sclerosis was gradually ending the actress.

A little over three years after his departure, Zurita has decided to rebuild his life and amid various speculations, he began an affair with Stephanie Salas, daughter of Sylvia Pasquel, and although many were happy that the heart of the protagonist of “La querida of the centaur” smile again, there were those who did not take the news so well.

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After making their romance known, on social networks, the couple was showered with hundreds of comments, from fans and friends of the medium, who congratulated them and wished them all the happiness in the world in this new stage of their lives; but not everything has been honey on ojuelas, recently Humberto was criticized for allegedly forget about his deceased wife.

It all happened because of a publication that the actor uploaded to his official Instagram account, in which he remembered his mother, who died this year, and congratulated the Virgin of Guadalupe on her day: “Today mother: I celebrate you with her because it is your saint Lupita, (as all the people to whom you gave your unconditional love told you) I saw you give your heart and your love, not only to your entire family, but to each person who touched your life, “he wrote.

Despite the emotional message, one of his followers did not welcome the fact that he did not mention Bach and thus replied: “Christian was missing.” For her part, Zurita did not remain silent and without losing her composure, she decided to answer this user’s concern: “It is only celebrating my mother’s saint, which is the day that Mexicans celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe. Christian is always in my heart,” he expressed.

The one who also reacted to the post was Salas and with some tender words he supported his partner and made it clear that they are living a new beginning together: “I love you, my life. Long live Lupita today and always”.

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