How many days should a person who has Covid be isolated and other questions in the face of the new wave

Specialists say that the main symptoms are still fever, cough and flu

Specialists say that the main symptoms are still fever, cough and flu – Credits: @Getty Images

With the rise in cases for the sixth consecutive week, There is already a glimpse of what could be a new wave of coronavirus in the country. Last Sunday, for example, 27,119 positives were reported in the previous seven days, but it is estimated that the number may be higher since, in general, today only those over 50 years of age or people with risk factors are tested.

Why was the arrival of bivalent vaccines against Covid postponed?

In this context, with the imminent end-of-year parties and the summer holidays about to begin, many questions related to Covid-19 arose again. Specialists consulted by THE NATION They said that given the rise in cases, the recommendations remain the same: wear a mask on public transportcomplete vaccination schemes and isolate themselves in the presence of symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Eduardo López, head of the Medicine department of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital, said that the symptoms of the current wave of Covid are similar to those of the disease in its previous waves.

They look a little more gastrointestinal pictures such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting, especially in adolescent and pediatric patients, but in the rest, the symptoms are cough, fever and flu-like symptoms with muscle pain, similar to previous variants,” he said. And he added that, for now, we don’t see an increase in the use of intensive care beds.

Smokers are not usually alerted by having a continuous cough, according to Fundepoc

At this time the symptoms are milder and the occupancy of intensive care beds has not increased

Ricardo Teijeiro, an infectious disease doctor at the Pirovano Hospital and a member of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases (SADI), added that today the symptoms are generally those of a mild acute respiratory disease and that complicated pneumonia or loss of smell or loss of smell are no longer observed. taste. “We are seeing much lighter pictures“, said.

According to data published by the National Ministry of Health, there are 37,918,645 people who completed the vaccination schedule and although there are still many that have not yet applied additional doses, the inoculation of a large part of the populationthe specialists assured, It has influenced, along with other factors, the reduction in severe cases.

How many days should a person with Covid be isolated?

“The standard followed by the National Ministry of Health and the CDC —the United States national public health agency— for Covid-positive patients is five days of total isolation. If after that period the person has no more symptoms, he should have another five days of care (use of chin and frequent hand washing). If, on the other hand, you continue to have any symptoms, you should consult your doctor before isolating yourself,” said López.

Teijeiro agreed: “Anyone who has respiratory symptoms has to isolate themselves for five days and wear a mask for five more days if one is going to have any kind of social contact.”

These indications, said Barbara Broese, director of Epidemiology for the Municipality of San Isidro, are the same for all people regardless of vaccination schedule.

Specialists recommend completing vaccination schemes in the face of the new rise in cases

The specialists recommend completing the vaccination schemes before the new rise in cases – Credits: @Prensa GCBA

What do you do if you have symptoms but have not been tested?

According to Lopez one should be tested whenever one has symptoms, but if it does not, it should be isolated directly, especially if the symptoms are persistent. “Personally, I think it should be retested because it’s the only way to know we had the disease,” he said.

For his part, Broese said that whoever has symptoms and cannot be tested must still go to a health center to be evaluated; if the symptoms are compatible with Covid, it will be considered positive by “epidemiological clinical criteria””.

In addition, López explained that at this time more than 95% of the positive Covid cases correspond to the BA variants. 4 and BA. 5, which are sublineages of Omicron and that, he pointed out, is not a minor issue because these strains have greater transmissibility.

“That is why in a family or at work after four days they are all infected. Many times they have mild symptoms and do not think it is Covid, but the reality is that today it is the virus with the highest circulation ”, he said.

Specialists consider the self-test to be a useful tool at this time

Specialists consider that the self-test is a useful tool at this time – Credits: @Courtesy: Laboratorios Jayor

According to Teijeiro, in this scenario and taking into account that times of many social events are coming, the self test is a very useful tool For those who have symptoms and doubts. The “Immunobio” brand product, for example, can be found in pharmacies and costs $1,650.

Does the concept of close contact still exist?

The Ministry of Health considers that there was close contact when you were less than 2 meters from a confirmed case of Covid-19 for at least 15 minutes while that person had symptoms or within 48 hours before they were diagnosed or your symptoms began.

For López, the concept is still valid and that is why the population should wear a mask in closed meetings, public transport or outdoor situations where many people are together.

Teijeiro, on the other hand, held the opposite opinion: “Close contacts are no longer studied or isolated. The recommendations are to complete the vaccination schedules, maintain hygiene and use a mask on public transport”.

Where to get vaccinated in the City and in the Province of Buenos Aires?

Due to the proximity to the year-end holidays and summer vacations and due to the rise in positive cases, the demand to get vaccinated has grown exponentially in recent weeks.

In the Buenos Aires provincethe vaccination centers, together with the schedules, can be found here:

Meanwhile in The city of Buenos Airesat least for this week, the posts enabled are:

  • Club San Lorenzo (Avenida La Plata 1782)

  • Islamic Center (Avenida Intendente Bullrich 55)

  • Bar Association (Avenida Corrientes 1441)

  • Detect Devotee (Francisco Beiró 4629)

  • The Ministry of Health of the City (Avenida Amancio Alcorta 2100)

  • Dr. Abel Zubizarreta Hospital (New York 3952)

  • Parque Lezama (it will work from tomorrow)

  • Buddhist Temple (it will work from Wednesday and is located at Montañeses 2175)

  • La Rural (it will work from Friday and it will be entered through Cerviño street)

  • Parque Chacabuco (it will work from next Monday)

Except for this last location, which works only until noon, the rest of the vaccination centers are open from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. And the only ones open on weekends are the Islamic Center and the San Lorenzo clubhouse.

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