He found out that Ferretti would arrive at Tri, resigns from the national team after the World Cup

Tuca Ferretti and Mexican team
Tuca Ferretti and Mexican team

The Mexican Soccer Federation has not stood idly by and after Martino brought the national team to total failure, Yon De Luisa has already begun the task of getting a new DT for the 2026 World Cup.

There is still nothing defined about who will be the new DT del Tri, as several names have come to light and it seems that the FMF will take its time and decide calmly. but one of the names that sounds the loudest is that of Ricardo Tuca Ferretti.

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To the surprise of many, the DT that the FMF itself had sought repeatedly in the past is now closer to directing El Tri, as Mediotiempo reports that Ferretti has raised his hand on his own to lead the Mexican team.

He retires from Tri before Tuca Ferretti arrives.

Despite the fact that he already lived with him while Ferretti was interim for the Tri and has spoken wonders about Tuca, the player who would retire from the Tri before Ricardo’s arrival would be Andres Saved, who had already announced his retirement from the Mexican team once the World Cup ended.

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