Doctor Simi now causes a sensation with Merlina’s dance

Photo: TikTok video capture vía @drsimi_oficial/

Photo: TikTok video capture via @drsimi_oficial/

The series, ‘Merlina’ that premiered on Netflix on November 23, has become a phenomenon that already exceeds 1,020 million hours of playback and is now among the most viewed series on the platform.

As if that were not enough, in one of its episodes Merlina Addams, played by actress of Mexican descent Jenna Ortega, performs a dance to the rhythm of the song ‘Goo Goo Muck’ by the Cramps, which became a sensation on TikTok , where men and women have replicated the choreography.

But like any viral phenomenon, that scene began to change and some users replaced the Cramps theme with the song ‘Blood Mary’ by Lady Gaga, which was included on the album ‘Born This Way’ that was released 12 years ago. which gave more impetus to this trend of the social network.

One of the figures that is already very loved by the Mexicans, Dr. Simi’s botarga, did not hesitate to get on that trend when he returned from his stay at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, with a video in which he performs the peculiar choreography together with more companions.

Among the comments, some people asked him to do it well, characterized as Merlina, so Dr. Simi did it, he only put on some braids, and shared the video.

All the fans of the character expressed their joy to see him like this with comments like: “is it really Dr. Simi? I thought it was Merlina”, “Dr. Simi is the only one who looks good doing the trends ” , “Without a doubt, Doctor Simi has won this trend”, “I will see the Merlina series only for you, the interpretation turned out very well”, “Dr. Simi + Merlina + Lady Gaga = Perfection”, “I love you, Dr. Simi”.

The character has already become a celebrity on TikTok where he has more than 1.8 million followers who he makes happy by carrying out almost all the trends that arise on the social network, the last one he made is one where people transforms into a Japanese animation character and once again it has been a complete success.


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