Cosculluela’s ex-wife details the prolonged pattern of violence to which the artist allegedly subjected her

humacao – In the continuation of the preliminary hearing against Jose Fernando Cosculluela Suarezfull name of the urban artist cosculluelahis ex-partner jennifer fungenzi jacques described multiple incidents that were part of the extensive pattern of abuse to which the singer allegedly subjected her.

Fungenzi Jaques, a businesswoman in the fashion industry, recounted a series of events that occurred between April 17 and 23 of this year, including an assault in which Cosculluela Suárez strangled her and threatened to kill her, and another that occurred after the celebration of the birthday of one of the two small children that the couple had, in which the reggaeton player would have fired a shot on the balcony in front of the woman’s room and forced her to enter the residence.

As part of the prosecutor’s interrogation Miguel Hornero Colon, Fungenzi testified, in relation to this latest attack, that Cosculluela Suárez had left the birthday party attended by friends and family, presumably upset by the presence of one of the guests. Later on the night of April 20, when Fungenzi Jaques was already at his home in Palmas del Mar, he noticed the presence of Cosculluela Suárez’s Cadillac Escalade bus loitering in the area, which was followed by an exchange of texting with your ex. At that time, Fungenzi Jaques was in the main room of the residence, on the second floor, together with a friend named Krystal, whom she had asked to accompany her, while the businesswoman’s teenage daughter was in another room. And a friend.

“We were texting, I’m in bed with my friend, and (Cosculluela Suárez) tells me ‘get that bitch out of my bed.’ I tell him, what are you talking about and I ask my friend how does José know that I’m in bed with you. He writes and says ‘he stops talking about me’. I was scared, because how did he know that my friend and I were lying in bed and talking about him,” the woman testified. “Immediately, a shot sounds on the balcony (in front) of the balcony of my room.”

In the judge’s room Yumayra Serrano Murceo, of the Humacao Court, Fungenzi Jaques said that the detonation caused his daughter to run into the room on the second floor, scared. Then, while the three of them left the room and took refuge in the minor’s room – where the adolescent’s friend was also found – Cosculluela Suárez would have hit the door that connects the room with the balcony where she allegedly fired a gun. of fire.

Later, according to the testimony, Cosculluela Suárez entered the house and, from the first floor, demanded by text message that Fungenzi Jaques – who was in his daughter’s room – come down. Faced with the resistance of his then wife, Cosculluela Suárez would have threatened to kill Fungenzi Jaques’s dog, by sending her an image in which he grabbed the pet while holding a firearm.

According to Fungenzi Jaques, on April 23, Cosculluela Suárez sent him another photo that showed him carrying the same weapon, along with messages warning that he would kill a gay friend of the woman’s.

The businesswoman, on the other hand, recounted another act of physical aggression that occurred on April 17 in his roomafter a verbal exchange in which Fungenzi Jaques expressed his desire to leave the relationship behind.

“I told him that we could not continue like this, because the truth does not work, that he always did the same, that he was never going to change. She started saying things to me and I told her ‘keep taking advantage of me because I’m still your wife, but the day I get divorced I’m going to be with the man I want.’ (…) She grabbed me by the neck and told me to tell her again (and I repeated it). There she squeezed me, choked me, threw me to the floor, and threw a bottle of shampoo on me. He would stop me and throw me to the floor. When I was able to free myself from him, I pushed him into the closet, where there is a hole where he slipped down,” said Fungenzi Jaques, whose testimony was repeatedly interrupted by the judge, who asked him to speak more slowly.

The pattern of gender violence would have continued in the following weeks. Fungenzi Jaques maintained that on June 8, the day before the divorce between the parties was made official, when he met Cosculluela Suárez, he opened the door of the woman’s vehicle, “he disassembled a part of the side that I drive and took out a recorder.”

“There he told me that this recorder had I don’t know how long, that everything was going to be known about me, that he was going to turn the tortilla around, that he was going to say that we left each other because I was unfaithful to him. (…) He said that he was going to make a song with that recorder, that he was going to water it so that the whole world knew who I was, ”said the witness, who She mentioned that the artist had also warned her that he had placed recorders and devices to track the location in the vehicles of people close to her.

The decision to file criminal complaints, Fungenzi Jaques said, was made “after two or three weeks” when he learned that his phones, including the one he used for business, had been “hacked.”

In a brief meeting with the media during a recess, prosecutor Hornero Colón refrained from specifying how many witnesses will be called to testify in the preliminary hearing stage, but in court it emerged that the public prosecutor has, among its pieces of evidence, 3,100 messages of text exchanged between the singer and Fungenzi Jaques. In many of them, according to the testimony of her ex-wife, Cosculluela Suárez made direct threats, such as her warning, on one occasion, that she was going to “shoot her down” if she did not ride with him. in a vehicle.

Following the complaints by Fungenzi Jaques, Cosculluela Suárez faces 13 charges for violations of Law 54 on Domestic Violence and others for violations of the Weapons Law. According to the complaints, the first incident reported by the victim dates from March 23, 2019.

Specifically, Cosculluela Suárez faces five charges under Article 3.1 (abuse); one Section 3.2(a) charge (aggravated abuse for breaking into a person’s home despite a protection order); two counts for Article 3.2(i) (aggravated maltreatment against a pregnant woman); five charges for Article 3.3 (abuse by threat), and two charges for violations of Articles 6.09 (carrying, possession or illegal use of long weapons) and 6.14 (shooting or aiming firearms) of the Weapons Law.

The exponent of the urban genre is represented by graduates Carlos Aponte Nieves Y Yanitsia Irizarryformer Secretary of the Family.

Both the Police and the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman have tools to deal confidentially with any report or complaint about a pattern of abuse, mistreatment or a situation of gender violence. If you are or know of a person who is going through a similar pattern, you can contact the Police at (787) 792-6734 or (787) 343-2020, as well as the Office of the Women’s Ombudsman at (787) 722-2977. .

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