Conembol does not need Concacaf, the urgency is the other way around: ForlánHalftime

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Six years have passed since the Last time Mexico played the Copa América, the one in which the Tri was eliminated in a humiliating way with a 7-0 against Chile. Negotiations seem to be intensifying for a prompt return to the top tournament for National Teams in South America, although not everyone likes the ideaincluding the historical Diego Forlan.

For many, Mexico is a “stink” of Concacaf that seeks to raise its competitive level in the Conmebol tournaments, since in addition to the Copa América it is once again intended to be in the Copa Libertadores at the club level, but Forlán affirms that in South America “they do not need” the Tri because they are already competitive enough.

“South America is a very competitive (sic) continent, We don’t need Concacaf so much, I think it’s the other way around, Concacaf (needs) South America. We are lucky to be in a place where you have Colombia, Paraguay and Chile with different heights, different places; Add to that Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay,” Forlán mentioned for TUDN.

we are competitivein their case it would have to be unified but what happens is that the calendar is difficult, the distance, the American Continent is as if it wanted to unite Africa with Europe, it is more or less the same, it is not easy,” he added.

Why isn’t Mexico going to the Copa América?

After outstanding participations in the 1993 and 2001 editions reaching the Final, Mexico was “despising” the Copa América by presenting alternative teams in 2011 and 2015a situation that was not well received in South America.

To this is added that after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Concacaf created the League of Nations, which left a complicated panorama in the general calendar of games. In addition to the Nations League as “obstacle”, the Conmebol tournament was also linked to the Gold Cupwhich ended up cutting Mexico’s relations with the Copa América.

When will the Copa América be?

The oldest national team tournament in the world is scheduled between June and July 2024, but without an established venue since Ecuador aims to decline to host the event. Given this, the option that United States have the Copa América 2024with the condition that at least three Concacaf representatives participate: Mexico, Canada and the USA.

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