Chivas is looking for a striker; Martín Barragán and Daniel Ríos, their optionsParttime

With Víctor Guzmán in the bag, Chivas is now looking for a striker as reinforcement, and there the directive work for two options to see which one they manage to close: one of them is the return of Daniel Rios or, failing that, Martin Barragan.

In the absence of a goal Santiago OrmenoÁngel Zaldívar and company, the sports director, Fernando Hierro, wants someone to score goalsThat’s where these options come in.

Ríos was a Chivas youth squad player and currently He is a member of MLS Charlotte FC. He reached the Basic Forces of the Sacred Flock and in 2018 he was released, after going through several teams of the extinct Ascenso MX.

He started making noise in 2020 when he arrived at Nashville, where he scored 6 goals in two seasons.

By 2022 he played for Charlotte and there he registered 7 goals in 27 duels of the MLS.

Get to know the club since in 2015 it was Champion of Copa MX.

Barragán rebounded in Puebla

barraganFor his part, he is in Puebla where he has accumulated 11 goals in his last 32 duels, which helped him to finish in the third position in the scoring table in the previous semester, where he added eight.

Here it is said that Poteyo can reach Chivas in an exchange that could involve Antonio Briseño.

The forwards that fell

Before them, Chivas looked for other options such as Brandon Vazquezof Cincinnati FC, as well as edward aguirrehowever, they were unable to shut down either of them.

A) Yes, Guadalajara is already looking to arm itself for the Clausura 2023 and that is where they have everything practically closed for the arrival of Pocho Guzmán, who will do so in exchange for Jesús Ricardo Angulo, who will go to Club León.

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