Chivas is an option? Orbelín Pineda already plans his future for the summer of 2023

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The midfielder who currently plays in Greece with Matías Almeyda, is already thinking about what he will continue with his career after playing in the World Cup in Qatar.


One of the players who make Chivas fans sigh due to his quality, charisma and above all good performances with the rojiblanca shirt was Orbelín Pinedaa key piece for obtaining the Clausura 2017 title, so the Maguito is already beginning to think about what will happen with respect to his future after the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The midfielder from Guerrero, fIt was one of the priorities of the board led by Ricardo Peláez and Amaury Vergara in the summer of this 2022; However, despite the rojiblancos attempts, they failed to convince him, although the footballer made it clear that he does not close the possibility of returning in the future.

Now, after Mexico’s participation in Qatar 2022, Orbelín touched on the subject regarding his future in the medium term, where he recalled that the doors are open in Mexican soccer; however, he focuses for now on fulfill his loan with AEK Athens, which is managed by Matías Almeyda and stay at a good level because he does not know where he will continue his career in the summer.

Poll Would you like to see Orbelín Pineda again in Chivas?

Would you like to see Orbelín Pineda again in Chivas?


“I have always said it, you have to take risks in life, I cling to my dreams, my first stage in Europe was difficult, there were moments when I wondered what I was doing there, while there was interest from some teams in Mexico. I have a contract here with AEK on loan for six more months, I will make that clear to you, I am going to prepare myself as best as possible because it is not known where we can be,” Pineda told Marca.

How did Orbelín Pineda do in Chivas?

El Maguito was one of the most beloved and profitable players during the management of Matías Almeyda, since he arrived for the Clausura 2016 from Querétaro and was a key player in achieving a Liga Mx title, a Concachampions, a Copa Mx and a Supercopa Mx. Pineda left the Flock after the failure of the 2018 Club World Cup.

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