“Canelo, there you have it” the Mexican boxer reacts to Leo Messi’s play in Argentina’s goal against Croatia. Will he go looking for it?


The Mexican boxer Saul Cinnamonalvarezreacted through his social networks to the play in which Leo Messi taunted the Croatian defender, Gvardiol and what ended up beingeither goal of Julian Alvarez against Croatia for the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar.

The former soccer player, and current presenter and commentator on sports news on DirecTV Sports, Adrian Magnoli tagged Canelo Alvarez and left him a little message. “Che Canelo, there you have it (Messi)”.

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All this is due to what happened a couple of weeks ago, where Canelo threatened the Argentine star for “having kicked” Mexico’s shirt in celebrations that took place in the locker room after Argentina’s 2-0 victory against the Aztecs.

When Canelo saw that he was mentioned by the Argentine commentator, he reacted with two fire emojis, implying that Messi It’s on in this world of Qatar 2022.

Canelo – Messi

the mexican boxer Saul Cinnamonalvarez It raised dust and social networks exploded after his latest poisonous tweets against the Argentine national team, Leo Messi.

Cinnamon criticized the crack psg for allegedly kicking the shirt of the Mexican National Team in the locker room after the game on Saturday. The Aztec’s Twitter messages were replicated by many personalities.

“Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag?” Canelo began on his Twitter.

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“Let him ask God that he doesn’t find me”, along with angry emojis, fists and fire.

And he ended with: “Just as I respect Argentinayou have to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country (Argentina), I’m talking about Messi for his ‘blow job’ he did. The fans are one thing, we as an example another”.

The Argentine player Leo Messi never responded to Canelo Alvarez for the comments said in networks.

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