Bruce Willis makes substantial change to his will

After being diagnosed with aphasia and removed from acting, Bruce Willis has revised his will, which is estimated to be valued at a net worth of $250 million and as reported by Radar Online, the actor established an unequal distribution among his heiressesas can be seen in the sums of money that he would have bequeathed to each of his descendants.

The notarial document establishes that each of the daughters that Bruce Willis had with Demi Moore you will get about a million dollarswhich is only a small percentage of the total sum.

Thus, the source indicates that Rumer, 34 years old; Scout, 31; and Tallulah, 28; they will receive such an amount when the star of ‘Die Hard’ dies and that the rest of his fortune will go to the little daughters that Willis has with his current wife, Emma Heming: Mabel, who is 10 years old, and Evelyn, 8 .

According to the media, the actor would consider that Rumer, Scout and Tallulah have received the corresponding financial support throughout their lives, so, in his opinion, the cast would be fair.

“Bruce’s will was actually redone years ago after he married Emma in 2009, changed after the birth of their daughters, and then again when it became clear Bruce’s health was failing,” the source confirmed.

In this way, the artist believes and has full confidence that his older daughters will agree to the amount they will receive. Rumer is an actress in her independent film profession, Scout is a singer-songwriter (about to release her first album) and Tallulah is also an actor.

“Bruce also believes that Demi, who has an estimated net worth of $200 million, will always be there for Rumer, Scout and Tallulah,” they revealed.

As a symptom of the good relations in the family after the information about her will became known, Demi Moore yesterday shared a postcard on social networks in which she can be seen with her ex, their three daughters in common, a the actor’s current wife and the two little girls of this couple, all smiling together. “We are family! Getting into the Christmas spirit!” was the message that the artist chose to accompany the image.

However, on Willis’s health, a friend commented: “He is in an advanced state of his aphasia. He does not always understand what is being talked about and how to respond. All they can do is tell him they love him and pray for a Christmas miracle.”

The news of the disease suffered by the actor came out last March, when his daughter Rumer announced through her Instagram profile that the 67-year-old interpreter was retiring from acting due to health problems. The artist suffers from aphasia, a language disorder that can cause difficulty in expression or understanding.

“To the amazing fans of Bruce, as a family we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that is impairing his cognitive abilities. As a result of this situation and after much consideration, Bruce has decided to take a career step that means so much to him,” says the message posted just a few days after his absence was noted at the ‘Violent Times’ cast reunion in the Oscars, in which Uma Thurman, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson presented one of the categories with a nod to the legendary Quentin Tarantino film.

Although he is considered one of the great action stars, Willis received most of his awards for his work, particularly for “Moonlighting.”, the series released in 1985 in which he starred with Cybill Shepard. With the role of the private detective ‘David Addison’ he rose to stardom and won the Golden Globe and the Emmy – the most important in the American television industry. He also won a second Emmy Award as a guest actor on Friends, as the father of ‘Ross Geller’s’ (David Schwimmer) very young girlfriend.

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