Andrés Vaca had a stutter, I taught him to narrate: Geo González from TUDNMediotiempo

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The Qatar World Cup 2022 is being the event of “takeoff” of Andrés Vaca as narrator in TUDN. Although it is not new on the screens because for years they wanted to launch it to the clouds on Televisa with the support of Javier Alarcón, it is in this World Cup that his name is earning the admiration and respect of colleagues and fans.

It is curious that during the World Cup, when Christian Martinoli seems to take the rating against Perro Bermúdez in their confrontations with TV Azteca and Televisa, respectively, many of the Andrés Vaca’s colleagues have turned to the networks to name it as “the best storyteller in Mexico today” for the passion, rhythm and intonation in his stories.

Regarding the thrust towards the young narrator, one of his colleagues in TUDN vented that “he was a stutterer”. We refer to geo gonzalezone of the most respected women in the sports media, a strong promoter of the Liga MX Femenil and who proclaimed herself as “teacher” by Andrés Vaca as rapporteur.

I taught Andrés Vaca to narrate, he did it very slowly, he stutteredI couldn’t pronounce the Korean, Nigerian, French, let alone Norwegian names. The goal cry made it short and without passion. But I couldn’t teach him not to make the envious famous,” the communicator wrote on Twitter.

How old is Andrés Vaca?

Maybe you didn’t know but Andrés Vaca was born in Costa Rica on August 31, 1991.. She saw the light for the first time in the Costa Rican capital, San José, where his family had to travel for work reasons for his father. He and his family returned to Mexico when he was just 5 years old.

Who is Andrés Vaca’s girlfriend?

The TUDN Storyteller He is married to Gina Holguin., who is also a sports presenter on said network. They got married at the end of 2021 by civilian and in August 2022 they had their first child.

And if you wonder how Andrés Vaca and Gina Holguín metbeing six years older than him, the commentator explained that their first date “was eating churros on the sidewalk” and thus began the love story between the two at the Chapultepec 18 company.

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