Anahí wants to be “one of the good ones” but resentment wins

Singer Anahi attends the

Anahí has ​​been retired from the stage for more than a decade (Photo: Víctor Chávez/WireImage).

2022 could be the year in which Anahí shone again on the entertainment agenda. Anahí’s special participation with Karol G, with whom she sang “Sálvame” last June, revived the dreams of thousands of RBD fans, which increased when the former members made public some social gatherings (such as at Maite Perroni’s wedding, or the dinner in which the great absentee was Poncho Herrera), without forgetting the help that he extended to the actor Andrés García a few weeks ago. All of this has kept her as one of the Mexican celebrities to keep an eye on.

This is how those of the production of the most dredgerthe reality that seeks to recognize the community drag queen Mexican and its best representatives. A perfect setting for Anahí, loved by the LGBTQ+ community, which recognizes her as part of artistic royalty, in addition to the love and support given and shown to Christian Chávez, an openly gay actor. For this reason, the actress was invited to be a judge in the final of the program.

Everything was set to be a great night… until Anahí decided to revive very, very old quarrels, despite assuring that she is on the side of the good guys.

¿Whaé  did it happen?

What happened?

On the night of Tuesday, December 13, at the end of The most dredge Maca Carriedo, host of this fifth edition, gave the floor to the panel of judges who criticized the performance of the contestants. Due to an oversight?, Carriedo ignored Anahí’s opinion, and that’s where the quarrel was uncovered.

“Maca, I know that you like me half fat, but don’t abuse,” Anahí claimed with a laugh as she turned to the public to make it an accomplice. The also host of The Saga He immediately apologized and said “I love you very much”, in an attempt to soften the annoyance of the protagonist of Rebel.

“That’s just on Twitter, leave it for Twitter, not here,” replied the singer, to which Carriedo replied “no, never, never, I love you” and invited her to the front to give her criticism, but she was rejected .

It is not that Anahí wanted to start a lawsuit on the social network that has become a battlefield, but rather that she was referring to the tweets that the communicator published alluding to the eating disorders suffered by the artist.

In an extensive conversation with the writer Daniel Habif two years ago, Anahí revealed how difficult her adolescence was due to anorexia, a subject known since the beginning of the millennium, but it was the first time she had discussed it in detail. “The producer who was going to do that novel before (a thousand an hour) came to me when she was 13 years old and said ‘hey, Anahí, you want to be the protagonist of this novel, but the protagonist has to be skinny, she can’t be chubby’. Obviously you are a girl, you are vulnerable, you are at a difficult age… And I can tell you that one of the things that triggered the most (anorexia) was that comment, “she said at the time.

But a decade ago Maca did not ask for an opportunity to destroy Anahí because of her physique, her career, her personal decisions, even for existing. And obviously some of all this hatred still hurts the interpreter of “Let me live”, which she did not hesitate to express before the thousands of fans who gathered Tuesday night at the Arena Ciudad de México.

Several of these tweets have been replicated in every social network that exists to display the driver.

Now it has been the former victim of Maca who He has summoned his followers to leave those hurtful words in the past and focus on spreading kindness.

We are from the group of the good, of peace, of love, of union. If someone misbehaves with us, maybe they just need a hug, because the mouth speaks of what is in our hearts, so let’s not send anything but light, love and good vibes, because if you have love in your heart that It is what you are going to receive and be able to give, one can only give what is inside, do not forget it

Anahí’s message appeared first on the stories Instagram and hours later it was replicated on his Twitter account, where the controversy originated. It is in this same network, Maca has appeared repentant and addressing the actress directly.

“Years ago I was definitely part of the problem on social networks being one more troll. A good moment to reflect on how something can be said without thinking about the implications it may have. As Umberto Eco said: ‘social networks give the right to speak to legions of idiots’ and that’s what I was. From here I offer you a sincere apology for what happened years ago that is very far from who I am and I think about it in 2022“.

Anahí, for her part, It seems that he has finally decided to let go and offer their solidarity to Carriedo. “The past, trodden on! The world needs union, love and brotherhood. Always count on me.”

We trust that this will happen.


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