A world champion with France pointed out against Argentina in the preview of the final: “They showed evil and dirty play”

Adil Rami holds the World Cup in his hands amid France's 2018 celebration
Adil Rami holds the World Cup in his hands amid France’s 2018 celebration

The controversy invaded the Argentine national team in it Qatar World Cup because the team led by lionel scaloni was questioned about his ways of celebrating the pass to the semifinals against Netherlands that deserved a response from the coach and, in the run-up to the match against Francea world champion with that country in 2018 accused the Albiceleste to play foul throughout the World Cup.

Four years ago, those led by Didier Deschamps beat Croatia at the event organized by Russia and Adil Ramione of the 23 called up at that time, had the pleasure of lifting this trophy at the Luzhniki Olympic stadium. Four and a half years after that consecration, the 36-year-old defender defends the colors of the Troyes on the league 1 and, far from the level that led him to join the payroll, he attended a television program Gala to refer to one of the finalists.

In conversation with the cycle Quotidien that is emitted by the chain TF1the only field player who did not have minutes in that tournament highlighted the emblem of the team that beat Croatia in the semifinals, although he made a clarification. “I like everything about Lionel Messi, but I don’t like this Argentina team”said who was also a couple of the model and actress Pamela Anderson.

Beyond this flattery, he fully immersed himself in certain attitudes of Messi, who snapped at him “what are you looking at stupid? Go there” to the Dutch striker Wout Weghorst and he did a Topo Gigio to the coach louis van gaal. This added to the euphoric celebration against the Dutch and the rough game on the pitch: “In this World Cup they gave an image of a lot of aggressiveness, evil and dirty play”.

The celebration of France after being crowned world champion against Croatia in 2018
The celebration of France after being crowned world champion against Croatia in 2018

These reactions had occurred after the goalkeeper Andries Noppert assured that he was going to cover a penalty Messiwhile his own Van Gaal He was even tougher with the forward of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG): “He doesn’t play much with the rival when (the opponent) has possession of the ball”. “If we have to go to penalties, I think we have the advantage”was another phrase that upset the team that beat the Europeans in that instance and the “10” de la Albiceleste responded after the game: “Their coach was not respectful.”

However, these sayings added more gasoline to the fire and scaloni he had to come out to deny that his team does not know how to assimilate victory and defeat on the field. “We know how to lose and we know how to win. We lost against Arabia and we quietly went to the hotel. We won the Copa América and the most beautiful image was given at the Maracana with Neymar, Paredes and Messi chatting there in the tunnel. We have to banish that idea that we don’t know how to win or we don’t know how to lose because it’s far from reality, we’re not like that.”he stated at the press conference prior to the crossing against Croatia.

But the sayings of Rami They are not the first in the French press because a reprehensible analysis carried out by the French media was published in recent days RMC Sportswho recreate a scenario in which Argentina he is criticized for alleged arrogance, xenophobia, taunting, cheating, behavior and “limited” gear. These reasons lead them to think that the team does not have support outside its borders to win this contest.

The note signed by the journalist Jean-Guy Lebreton takes statements from Eric Di Mecoa former French soccer player who retired in 1998 and is currently an analyst, who took the opportunity to send his colleagues some advice: “Now it will be up to the French to stay focused, develop their football and let the argentines behave as badly as they sometimes like”.

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