Will Guillermo Ochoa leave America? The condition that the goalkeeper has to accept for his contract renewal

These days the goalkeeper could stay with the Eagles as long as he accepts a point requested by the board.

Guillermo Ochoa is one step away from renewing with América.
© Image 7Guillermo Ochoa is one step away from renewing with América.

America little by little takes shape for the Clausura 2023 tournament as it progresses in its preseason, while the board has obtained one of the reinforcements it was looking for while establishing agreements for pending contract renewals, such as that of Miguel Layún and now, they expect the same with Guillermo Ochoa.

The goalkeeper who participated with the Mexican National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup still does not have a date to report to the preseason because his contract expired and has not yet renewed with the institutionAlthough the board is not optimistic that this week they can reach an agreement.

In order for Memo to continue as Azulcrema goal, there is a point that he must accept in his new contract and this has to do directly with his salary conditions. It should be remembered that since his return to our country three years ago, Ochoa became the highest paid player on the squadas well as one of the highest salaries in Liga MX.

That said, according to information shared by ESPN, in Coapa they have offered the goalkeeper to stay at the club, but with a lower salary than what he has received. In case he accepts this condition, there will be no impediment for you to stamp your signature and continue under the three Americanist posts for a couple more years.


It is worth mentioning that this same proposal that the Nido board of directors has made to Ochoa, He also did it to Miguel Layún. The winger has just renewed his contract and according to what he himself confirmed, he did it with a salary decrease, which he did not see with a bad eye since his reasons for staying with the Eagles go beyond economics.

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