Where was the Cofece? Questions AMLO after forgery and cloning of Bad Bunny concert tickets – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador questioned the absence of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) before the falsification Y cloning of tickets during the concerts of Bad Bunny at the Azteca Stadium Mexico City.

During the morning press conference, the Mexican president described the agency as a “front institution created to simulateand hinted that the Cofece has not done anything before the monopoly ticket master in the sale of tickets for concerts, sports and cultural events in Mexico.

“Where was the Cofece? What do they do? It is assumed that they created Cofece so that there are no monopolies”, AMLO reproached in the National Palace.

“It gave us a lot of feeling to see sad young people who couldn’t get in (to the concert) because their tickets were cloned, because they made fraud. Some crying, because they saved for a long time to be able to buy their tickets, the truth is that it did produce feelings in me, ”she added.

In this context, the head of the Executive stated that he already gave orders for Profeco to intervene and force Ticketmaster to return the cost of the ticket to those affected “plus a surplus to which they are entitled.”

However, he said no that was not enoughso he took the opportunity to publicly ask Bad Bunny to offer a free concert in the Zócalo of Mexico City… although he said that the Government of Mexico did not have the money to pay him.

“I ask Bad Bunny, I know he is saturated and tired because they work a lot, but I ask him to consider the possibility of him coming to Mexico, to the Zócalo, hopefully he will come, we can’t pay youit would have to be a collaboration of his ”, asked López Obrador.

We take care of the stage and lights. Of course, not so spectacular, because I was watching how he came out there in the Azteca flying in a palm tree, that is not possible here, but a zip lineWe can put that one on him,” the president said this morning.

The president seeks to compensate the damages caused by Ticketmaster, the company in charge of selling tickets for Bad Bunny shows and which, due to bad practices, caused hundreds of people to stay outside the Azteca Stadium during the first event in Mexico City.

Profeco registered almost two thousand complaints for cloned tickets: 1,600 from the concert on December 9 and 110 from December 10.

“It would be very good and that all young people who do not have the possibility of doing so will enter and so it is claimed; It’s not his fault it’s the fault of those who sold the tickets but he could make time and contribute; besides, I’m raising it because I don’t lose anything and I know he is a sensitive young manIt has many followers, it is a worldwide phenomenon”, he added.

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