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The tragic passing of journalist Grant Wahl at the Qatar 2022 World Cup sparked concern among global netizens about what exactly an aortic aneurysm is and how the tragic condition that culminated in the life of the soccer sports journalist can be prevented.

As detailed by the American Heart Association (AHA), an aneurysm “occurs when part of the wall of an artery weakens, allowing it to inflate or enlarge abnormally.”

Journalist Grant Wahl dies while covering the World Cup

“The cause of an aneurysm is sometimes unknown. Some people are born with them, but they can also run in families. Aortic disease or injury can also cause an aneurysm,” the page reads.

The AHA further established that a family history of aneurysms could increase a person’s risk of developing one, as could other factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and tobacco use.

In addition to the aorta, aneurysms can also occur in an artery in the brain, the artery behind the knee, the mesenteric artery in the intestines, and the artery that supplies blood to the spleen.

Some symptoms of aneurysms include: headaches, pain in the abdomen and back, fatigue, confusion, among others.

They reveal the cause of death of the American journalist who died in the World Cup

If a person is suffering from symptoms linked to an aneurysm, they should contact 911 as soon as possible to prevent a further rupture. People with an unruptured aneurysm should work with their doctor to care for the condition.

To learn more about the condition, visit the AHA page.

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