Was it a mistake? Felipe Ramos Rizo explains why a penalty should not have been whistled for Argentina against Croatia and Casillas responds


The elimination of Croatia in the semifinals of the World Cup at the hands of Argentina brought controversy. In the 34th minute, the striker Julian Alvarez collided with the goalie Livakovic and the central referee marked the penalty that later Messi turned it into a goal.

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The Balkan players claimed the Italian whistler Daniele Orsato that there was no foul on the footballer and that it had to be reviewed by the VAR to clear up any doubts. However, the referee ignored it and conceded the shot that opened the scoring.

This controversial action generated all kinds of comments and one of those who added to the reactions was the renowned Mexican ex-referee Felipe Ramos Rizo. He considered that there is no infringement on alvarezsince the goalkeeper avoids contact and never stretched his leg to destabilize the Argentine.

”Important data for which a penalty should not have been sanctioned: The goalkeeper’s right foot is always on the floor, contact is inevitable due to the inertia of the play, the ball. There is never a trip, contact is inevitable,” Ramos Rizo explained through his Twitter account.

Many users considered that the Mexican was right, as did the Spanish Iker Casillas. The exporter of real Madrid He responded and shared his opinion. ”Totally agree,” she said.

Richard Mendeznarrator of ESPNHe also considered that he should not have sanctioned as a penalty and stressed that the play was born from a goal kick that really had to be a corner kick to Croatia.

”The penalty stems from a goal kick that had actually been a corner for Croatia. The referee’s error and in the play followed by the goal kick, Argentina is awarded a penalty,” commented the journalist.

For his part, Francisco Chaconanother famous former referee from Mexico believes that there was enough contact to call the maximum penalty in favor of the Albiceleste.

”Argentina vs Croatia match, I don’t see how it can be said that the penalty taken in favor of Argentina is not a penalty, on the field it was seen as a penalty and now that I see it on TV it is a very clear penalty. Very good refereeing by the Italian referee,” he assured.

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