Tips for eating well and healthy during adolescence

Every time you open your social networks you see recipes, but you don’t know if they are healthy? Are you worried about your diet but don’t know how to improve it? Don’t worry, it’s something that happens to a lot of people. Today, Social media is full of nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips, but obviously we can’t believe everything we see on the internet. To know which of these tips are really useful, we must first be clear about which foods are good for our body and which ones we should avoid as much as possible.

Nutrition in adolescence is a very important factor, since, after our first year of life, adolescence is the stage of life in which our body undergoes a major change. And of course, In order to face this change, it is essential that we are well fed.

But… how to get it? Very easy! We just have to add some foods to our diet and restrict others. The first thing to keep in mind is that in your day there must be three or four important intakes. That is: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Or if you prefer, you can substitute the snack for lunch and include, for example, a piece of fruit.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

In the breakfast we can take a whole milk, a fruit, some whole grains and a contribution of healthy fats, or what is the same, a bowl of andNatural Greek ogur with… banana, walnuts and oats, for instance. These complements that we add to our yogurt can be adapted to your tastes, as long as they are healthy foods, such as fruit, nuts or sugar-free cereals.

Once we have planned our breakfast, let’s move on to the meals and dinners. Well, the main thing we need to know is that There always has to be a full serving of vegetables, and then a second course that provides us with quality protein, such as lean meats, fish, legumes or eggs. Oh, and remember to add whenever you can a fruit for dessert to complete your healthy diet.

If you have decided to go to vegetarianism or veganismyou can also follow this healthy diet, but do not forget to use protein sources such as those derived from soybeans, seitan or legumes to replace animal productsas well as taking a supplement of b12 vitamin, since, even if you take dairy and eggs, it is not enough.

Foods to avoid and a lot of sport

Let’s now move on to restrictions. And it is that there are foods that we must restrict to the maximum in our diet if we want to feel good. These foods are basically junk food and sugary drinks. Avoid as much as possible drinks that contain sugar, such as soft drinks and juicesand if one day you feel like taking one, try let it be ZERO.

And now we only need one very important ingredient: the sport. To maintain a good body composition and avoid health problems, along with diet, sport is our best ally. Make the one you like the most, either individually or with your friends. The important thing is that you keep your body as active as possible.

In short, pick one healthy eating based on real food, that is, the one that we find in the markets without packaging or processing. Y If you have any problems with your diet, do not hesitate to go to a registered nutritionist. The professionals are here to help you!

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