This is the reason why Anuel AA deleted photos with Yailin La Más Viral

Yailin The Most Viral She is enjoying her full pregnancy. But apparently she’s costing him media exposure. She had posted a cute photo of herself on her Instagram, where she could be seen sitting down, wearing a white top that revealed her tummy, but just minutes later she decided to delete it. Apparently, the photo had been filled with negative comments, fans of Yailin They attribute the evil to fans of Karol G, ex of anuel.

When he had announced the embargo Yailin and Anuel They received very cruel comments such as: “She is with you for your money, realize it”, “She can be the mother of your children, but NOT the love of your LIFE” and “I bet 1 million that she abandons her like the others.” other children, who enters?

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