They threw him out of Tri, Martino’s low blow to continue sinking Mexico

Gerardo Martino and Martino Selection
Gerardo Martino and Martino Selection

Gerardo Martino will be marked in the history books of Mexican soccer as one of the worst technical directors that El Tri has had in the World Cups, at least in the last 40 years, when they were eliminated in the group stage.

Martino’s failure with the Mexican team was of such magnitude that as soon as El Tri was officially eliminated from the World Cup, at that very moment he ceased to occupy the Mexico coaching bench and the FMF began the search for the new DT.

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Despite the fact that Gerardo Tata Martino no longer has any relationship with the Mexican team or the Mexican Soccer Federation, Tata continues to seriously harm El Tri and deals a low blow to Mexico from his native Argentina.

Why does Martino affect the Tri so much?

Tata Martino continues to affect El Tri because according to reports by David Medrano, so that the FMF can formally begin the search for the new DT, it is waiting for a report that Martino has to send, which the Argentine DT has not sent and for that reason has not been sent. been able to look for a new DT for 2026, all because of Tata Martino.

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