They filter PHOTOS of Clara Chía Martí at a PARTY with Gerard Piqué to celebrate their ENGAGEMENT anniversary

The theory of a possible separation between Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia Martihas been buried, because after making an express trip to Prague to celebrate his anniversary of a couplenow filter nail Photos of the party annual event of Kosmos where they took advantage of the occasion to return to celebrate that the love they have for each other triumphed, despite the questions and even insults of the fans of Shakira.

A couple of weeks ago, information began to spread stating that the relationship between Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia Marti was hanging by a thread, because the Spanish could no longer deal with the harassment of the press, as well as with the attitudes taken by the former soccer player, since he made sure that the owner of Kosmos was already beginning to miss Shakira after signing the separation agreement.

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