the tragic prediction about the future of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar before the World Cup final

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 has been characterized by its exciting matches, the surprise eliminations of some of the strongest teams in the tournament and the excessive extra time that has been added at the end of each match.

Nevertheless, Another peculiarity of this World Cup has been the constant predictions and forecasts that have been made about the outstanding players, the disappointing teams and the future winner of the tournament.

Throughout Qatar 2022, one of the people who has gained the most popularity as a result of his predictions is Mhoni Vidente, Cuban fortune teller known for her peculiar predictions on international issues.

The 44-year-old seer, in the week of the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, surprised her followers by forecast a tragedy related to one of the most popular soccer players in the world.

Through his social networks, Mhoni Vidente indicated that there is a high possibility that A tragic accident endangers the life of a soccer star before the World Cup final.

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I visualize the death of someone very important in the world of football. This will be due to an accident or an attack. He will be between 30 and 37 years old. It can be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar”, pointed out the astrologer.

About this accident Mhoni seer assured that it will be a tragedy that will be remembered throughout history due to the impact it will have on the world of sport.

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“It could be an accident that will mark the history of football. The death card is on all of them, so they have to take care of themselves, ”he concluded.

Other predictions of Mhoni Vidente in Qatar 2022

This tragic prediction was not the only one made by Mhoni Vidente throughout the World Cup in Qatar 2022, since the fortuneteller predicted that Argentina, France and Brazil could be the leading teams in the final next Sunday, December 18.

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“Let’s talk about the star card: Argentina, Brazil and France are my candidates to win the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Definitely these teams continue to shine completely,” he said.

Likewise, The Cuban astrologer predicted the failure of the Mexican team in the World Cup and the resignation of the technical director Gerardo “el Tata” Martino.

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