The livestock-producing sector unifies its welfare seals in B+ Animal Welfare Commitment

Joint project of the interprofessionals Interovic, Provacuno, Interporc, Asici, Avianza and Intercun

Editorial Interempresas12/15/2022

The Spanish livestock-professional sector has unified the six animal welfare certificates with which they have been operating for about three years in the unique B+ Animal Welfare Commitment mark to make it easier for consumers to identify certified products in this area.

The interprofessionals of sheep and goat meat (Interovic), beef cattle (Provacuno), white layer pigs (Interporc), Iberian pigs (Asici), poultry meat (Avianza) and rabbit meat (Intercun) are the ones that have developed this new seal that is now available to operators who opt for it when selling certified meats and products.

The representatives of these associations reported at a press conference that the certificate, the obtaining of which is subject to having one of the six previous ones, strictly guarantees that the products have been certified through procedures and technical regulations on animal welfare. These are regulations developed by independent entities and accredited by the ENAC, which encompass all the links in the chain and establish more demanding requirements than those of the regulations in force.

The best Spanish technical specialists and academics have participated in this matter and it has been endorsed by high-level scientific committees, as they pointed out. The seal offers a guarantee and confidence in purchasing certified food made using ethical systems.

Press conference for the presentation of B+ Compromiso Bienestar Animal at the headquarters of the College of Veterinarians in Madrid.

The arrival of B+ Compromiso Bienestar Animal does not exclude the use of the six previous seals, in such a way that the operators will be able to choose the one they want.

The interprofessionals pointed out that this certification system complies with the five freedoms and the principles of Animal Welfare established by the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA). Within the broad field of animal welfare, the certificate endorses the good practices carried out in the areas of welfare, health, biosecurity, animal management and traceability in all links and is aligned with the Farm to Fork strategy and the Green Deal of the European Union.

The presentation ceremony was attended by Asici’s manager, Andrs Paredes; the director of Intercun, Mari Luz de Santos; the manager of Provacuno, Javier Lpez; the technical manager of Animal Welfare at Interporc, Daniel Hernndez; Interovic’s manager, Toms Rodríguez; and the technical deputy director of Avianza, Arn Zaldvar.

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