The famous Argentine who traveled to Qatar and was classified as a “sex symbol” by the English media

Argentine fans in Lusail, a recurring postcard.  Among all of them, the British press posó  his eyes on a famous model

Argentine fans in Lusail, a recurring postcard. Among all of them, the British press set its sights on a famous model – Credits: @KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

In the last few hours the presence of an Argentine model in the stands of Qatar during the national team matches he drew the attention of a good part of the world. The woman in question is Luciana Salazar, who did not go unnoticed by various British media, which even they recalled a promise he made in 2010.

The World Cup 2022 It will come to an end this Sunday with the final between Argentina and France. The development of the world Cup He gave a lot to talk about in terms of sports action, but also about what happened in the stands and in the vicinity of the stadiums.

throughout the world cup appointment, the Argentine fans and those of other countries stood out for different aspects and situations. Just as many times the songs on the court and the encouragement made the difference, on other occasions they stood out well-known figures who traveled to Doha to watch the matches of the albiceleste.

One of them was just luli salazarwhich attracted the eyes of many in the stands. The model witnessed the last two matches of the Argentine team, against the Netherlands and Croatiawhich were played in the lusail stadium. Her presence in the stands was documented on social networks in the images that different users took with her and shared on social networks.

Beyond this, the famous herself publishes on her networks, especially on Instagram, her moments and experiences in Qatar while following the walk of the team captained by Lionel Messi. During the matches, he shared moments of the game and the subsequent celebrations for the progress of the Argentine team.

The photos from the Lusail Stadium that he sharedó  Luciana Salazar after Argentina's victory over Croatia

The photos from the Lusail stadium that Luciana Salazar shared after Argentina’s victory against Croatia – Credits: @Instagram @salazarluli

In the semifinal match against Croatia, Luli wore a look that included the Argentine shirt and that made her stand out again. The protagonist herself uploaded a publication in which she supported the Argentine team in the face of the final against France that will be played next Sunday at the close of the World Cup.

“Argentina, thanks for everything!!! This is a party. Guys, now we are excited again…”wrote the famous along with two photos of him in the stands and two other videos showing the celebration after the 3-0 victory.

In addition to its appearance on networks, the Daily Star called her a “sex symbol”. Along the same lines, the aforementioned outlet recalled the promise he made for the 2010 World Cup in South Africain which Argentina participated with the technical direction of Diego Armando Maradona. At the time, “lint” assured that he would walk naked through the Obelisk if the albiceleste stayed with the world Cup. The model joined the proposal and promised to accompany him if the feat was accomplished.

Along with their presence in the lusail stadium for the last matches of team led by Lionel Scaloni, luli He also uses his social networks to showcase his lifestyle in the Middle Eastern country. Since his arrival in Qatar, he shared different night outings that included bowling alleys, dinners by the beach and walks through the downtown areas of the city.


Messi’s goal against Croatia that all of Buenos Aires sang and was heard as far as China.

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