The expected reinforcement! América thrilled its fans with the signing they wanted

Las Águilas announced on social networks the arrival of a figure who stood out in the institution in its first stage.

America made an announcement that moved its fans.
© Image 7America made an announcement that moved its fans.

América made an important announcement on its social network accounts by announcing a new reinforcement for the Clausura 2023 tournament and with this, they received the recognition of the fans since it is about a figure that during his first stage in the institution became a fundamental piece.

Sarah Luebbert put on the cream-blue shirt again after six months ago she had to leave the institution every time her loan expired and should have come back with Chicago Red Starsa club that was then the owner of his federative rights, but with which his contract was recently terminated.

Through a video on social networks, Luebbert could be seen wearing the Millionetas clothing again and back in our country, the forward sent a message to the fans by telling them “Eagles, I’m back. This is America”which generated dozens of comments from fans happy with his return.

Similarly, on Instagram the Chicago team said goodbye to Sarah and I wish her success in her return to the Liga MX Femenil, now as property of the Azulcremas because this time her hiring was not on loan, unlike the first time she arrived at Nido de Coapa.


América Femenil will have its first match of the Clausura 2023 tournament next Saturday, January 7 as a visitor against Cruz Azul. If coach Ángel Villacampa so determines, this duel could represent the first for Sarah Luebbert in her second stage as a player for the Águilas.

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