The Board asks the University of Burgos to demonstrate the viability of the Medicine degree

Two weeks ago, the historical demand of the University of Burgos to create a Faculty of Medicine was the protagonist of the political debate in Castilla y León. After an initial proposal from the PSOE in this sense that did not go ahead, it was finally the PP that obtained the support of the vast majority of the groups of the Cortes of Castilla y León, who urged the Junta to convene “immediately”. the academic commission of the Council of Universities to address this issue, also including in its proposal the request for the same degree as León.

After that time, the Ministry of Education does not plan to bring this body together because “to start a process of this type, be it the degree of Medicine or any other, the universities have to first present a feasibility project on how they are going to move forward said title”, justifying this argument in the autonomy that these institutions have. “It is the first step,” they add, but not before specifying that the proposal itself states that said call “will be made after formalizing an application for new official education, including those of Burgos and León.” Finally, they underline that “there is no approval for a new official degree if we do not know if the memory of it is viable.”

The Ministry’s response has not surprised the rector of the UBU, Manuel Pérez Mateos, who acknowledges that his answer “is not inaccurate”, although he stresses that the process that has been followed to date for the implementation of higher education passes first for “overcoming the filter” of the academic committee, as has happened with recent titles such as Health Engineering or Design and Development of Videogames, and with which the next course of Psychology and Digital Business of the Miranda de Ebro campus.

(More information in today’s paper edition of Diario de Burgos)

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