The absurd argument of Argentina’s detractors: “the World Cup is fixed”

Argentina superó  Croatia in the Qatar 2022 semi-final (Photo: Mohammed Dabbous/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Argentina beat Croatia in the Qatar 2022 semifinal (Photo: Mohammed Dabbous/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Argentina is once again in a final of world Cup. This time he surpassed Croatia on the semifinal of world Qatar 2022. He did it without fuss. 3 to 0 lethal. The Albiceleste found the way to defeat a Croatian squad that had entered the match without a defeat in their previous five games. The first goal of the night did Lionel Messi after a penalty that left doubts for very few. Later Julián Álvarez scored a brace.

At minute 34, Julian received a pass from Leandro Paredes. The striker saw the ball dribble in the area and pushed the ball towards the goal. The Croatian goalkeeperDominik Livakoviccame out to cut the play and in action took Alvarez in the middle. the center referee pointed to the criminal stain and blew the maximum penalty. The Argentine star made his shot effective and scored the first goal of the night.

For some, the penalty should not have been scored. To the point that they argued that the World Cup is rigged so that I win it Argentina. Users on social networks wrote about the facts, where they assured that everything was fixed up. “It is the world of shame!!! One penalty per game in favor of Messi for Argentina to win the World Cup. It’s one scandal after another!!!!! SCANDAL and SHAME!, “You can already tell that this World Cup is a gift for Messi”, was read on Twitter.

According to marco antonio rodriguezex Mexican soccer referee the fault existed and should have been marked. “The penalty is. The goalkeeper does not play the ball, he puts his body as a trip and an obstacle, then makes the player fall under the pretext of playing the ball, ”he said in his official accounts.

The animosity generated in certain sectors by the set of Argentinabeside Lionel Messi, grows like foam His detractors claim that the world is intended for the Albiceleste. For their part, others say that there is no doubt that the penal should have been flagged without a doubt. For now, in the match between Croatia Y Argentinathe Chessmen they did not have a clear action of danger in front of the goal of Emiliano Dibu Martínez. In addition, the statistics put Argentina What favorite to win the World Cup after the six games they have played in Qatar.


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