Silvio Berlusconi: the photos of his beautiful girlfriend Marta Fascina, 53 years his junior

Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian tycoon and politician who often sparks controversy from time to time. This time, Berlusconi returned to the international spotlight.

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Former Prime Minister of Italy and current senator and president of the Forza Italia party, The 86-year-old told a Christmas dinner for the Monza soccer club, of which he is president, that it gave controversial incentives to its players.

With a microphone in hand, Berlusconi was celebrating having chosen Raffaele Palladino in September, a new coach that he described as “good, likeable, educated and capable of motivating our players”.

In addition, he pointed out that: “I added an extra motivation, because I told the players: now Juventus, AC Milan etc. are coming, And if they win against one of these great teams, I bring a bus of hookers to the locker room.”.

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Given his comments, criticism has not been long in coming. Several of them pointing out that he should be more empathetic, since he himself has been criticized for his relationship with Marta Fascina, his wife.

The woman is a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, as part of Forza Italia, the party created and led by Berlusconi since 2013.

Born in Melito di Porto Salvo (Calabria) in 1990, four years before the Italian businessman won his first elections.

She studied letters and philosophy at the University of Rome and worked as head of press and public relations at the Milan Foundation and had written for ‘Il Giornale’ when in January 2018 she was elected as a deputy for the center-right group.

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Rumors of the beginning of the relationship between Marta and Silvio began in February 2020 but it was not until March that the Forza Italia secretariat published a statement confirming the end of its leader’s relationship with Francesca Pascale, after ten years together.

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