Seven ramifications of Carlos Correa’s deal with the Giants

The next big free agency signing has already fallen. On Tuesday night, Puerto Rican Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants arrived at a 13-year, US$350 million deal, a source told’s Mark Feinsand. It’s an impressive contract. another one this winter and that it will have many ramifications in the years to come.

Here, seven quick contract takeaways.

1. The Giants have their star. Even winning 107 games two years ago, that success seemed more like a team effort than the cause of a major star.

Well, the Giants now have the star they wanted. Correa immediately becomes the face of the franchise, filling the void left by Buster Posey, who retired after 2021. Additionally, Correa arrives two years younger and with a deal worth $13 million less than Aaron Judge would have earned. .

Considering the success the club has had finding complementary pieces, having a star like the Boricua seemed like the next logical step for San Francisco.

2. The National League West is crazy. Whether against the NL East or the NL West, the AL East has lost the title of the most contested division.

The Padres were armed with the signing of Xander Bogaerts (and of course, the acquisition of Dominican Juan José Soto five months ago). And now the Giants have agreed to what many considered the best player in free agency. The surprise so far has been the quiet winter for the Dodgers, who have a huge payroll anyway.

3. Dodgers fans are going to have someone to boo for the next 13 years. We believe that if the Dodgers or the Yankees had signed Correa, fans would have stopped seeing the Puerto Rican as their public enemy number one, after the sign-stealing scandal with the Astros in 2017. But, with the Puerto Rican in the Giants , wow…

Booing Correa will become a tradition at Dodger Stadium.

4. What can the Twins do now? Very good question. Minnesota drew a lot of attention by adding Correa last year, and while the Puerto Rican had a good season, in the end it was just one year … a 2022 in which the Twins didn’t even qualify for the postseason. Minnesota may now look to sign Dansby Swanson, or possibly compensate with pitching. Or they may take a step back and reconfigure everything. But one thing is clear: The Twins don’t look as strong without Correa.

5. Will the Orioles do something? And the Cubs? It seemed no franchise was better positioned to make an impact this offseason than Baltimore, which emerged this year on a positive note after some erratic seasons. And their GG even said they would be aggressive this winter, something that filled the fans with anticipation. But so far they’ve responded with…Kyle Gibson. By the way, wasn’t Chicago supposed to be looking for a superstar at some point too? In fact, they have a big hole at shortstop and Correa would have been the ideal there. When will the Orioles make noise?

6. Will Correa now become the consistent MVP we’ve been waiting for? Obviously, he’s been an excellent player during his career. But if you remember when he broke in in 2015, honestly, some wondered if he would be a Hall of Fame talent. He is impressive on defense, a high-level hitter, plus a charismatic and likeable personality. Injuries have limited him somewhat, and the sign-stealing scandal was also a stain. He is now at the center of one of the outstanding franchises in baseball, with a fan base that when they admire someone they will love them forever. He finished fifth in MVP voting this year, his best finish. Can he be the superstar to stay in the top five?

7. Normal winters are good. This winter has been fun. With the pandemic and then the lockout last offseason, we hadn’t seen a red-hot offseason in a while. The Winter Meetings were explosive and busy, with high-profile players signing with top teams and rivalries heating up…and several free agents still to be signed. How fun is this. As it should be.

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